Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Do Your Employees Have a Clear Line of Sight?

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Do your employees have a clear line of sight to your customers?

Do you know what having a "clear line of sight" means? And why it's important?

Let's start there...

In a nutshell, a "line of sight" is the straight line between you and your target. In this case, the target is the customer and the customer experience. When employees have a clear line of sight, they...

  • know how they contribute to the customer experience
  • know what it means to deliver a great customer experience, and 
  • they have the tools and training - and are empowered - to do so
Don't know how to ensure they have that clear line of sight? In today's post for InsideCXM, I offer up six tools to help you provide clarity. Please take a look and give me your thoughts. Would you add anything else?

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  1. I wouldn't add Annette, but I would cut it slightly differently...

    Instead of vision and values I would simply say "Purpose"... What are you here to do?

    No doubt my cutting it differently has driven the world forward leaps and bounds.


    1. Lol. Yes it has. But it's a valuable addition.

  2. Annette,
    Call me a pedant if you like but I wouldn't call number 4 'Voice of Customer' as that may conjure up all sorts of ideas about approaches, programmes and technology.....a bit like customer experience and CRM.....they're not just pieces of technology. I'd call it 'Listen to your customers' as that's what you want the organisation to do. Is that being too pedantic?


    1. Nope, that's ok, Adrian. I have found that I've corrected myself lately, too, to say "listen" rather than "voc." Point we'll taken.

  3. Great post! Keep up the great work here.