We Can Help You Put the "Customer" into Customer Experience in a Lot of Ways!

Are you losing employees and customers? Are you in need of a culture transformation? Not sure how to design an effective listening program? Ready to map your employee or customer journeys and uncover employee or customer pain points and key moments of truth?

How can I help you achieve your/your company's desired outcomes?

I enjoy helping companies ensure that they have all of the basics in place to execute on a successful CX strategy through customized...

  • Culture Assessment Services, to gauge the organization's readiness for a CX transformation and to build out a transformation roadmap:
    • Current state assessment (internal): Used to get a read on where the organization stands today on various foundational CX attributes and understand where the organization is currently lacking (or not) in terms of the elements required for a successful customer experience/culture transformation. 
    • Stakeholder interviews: 1:1 interviews with key stakeholders (eStaff, LOB leaders, international leaders, etc.) will provide important insights to the organization and its readiness to evolve.
    • Employee CX assessment: Used to assess what employees know and don't know about customers, the customer experience, and how they impact it or contribute to it.

  • Customer Understanding Services, because you cannot transform something you don't understand; once we understand the current state, we can then redesign to a future state:
    • VoC program assessment: Identify where your program stands today, what's on track, and where there are gaps. Used to create your VoC program roadmap.
    • VoC program design: Ranges from survey design through closing the loop and action planning.
    • Similar services provided to facilitate understanding for employees and other constituents.

  • Journey Mapping Workshops, to understand the current state of the experience and then redesign to an ideal future state:
    • Journey mapping workshops: Facilitate journey mapping exercises and/or teach you and your teams how to journey map the current state experience, validate maps with customers, and develop ideal future state maps. (Take a listen here for my approach.)
    • Root cause analysis and action planning workshops: Facilitate analysis and action planning and/or teach you and your teams how to do these yourselves.
    • Similar services provided to facilitate co-creating the experience for employees and other constituents.

  • CX Roadmap and Strategy Development, outlining the approach to your transformation journey for the next two to four years. This work includes a five-stage approach (listen to this podcast for more details) that takes approximately two years to implement from scratch:
    • Foundational and baseline assessment
    • Employee and customer (and other constituents) understanding
    • Future state design
    • Implementation and alignment
    • Monitor and reassessment
  • Coaching Services for those who are new to the CX role as well as for those who are veteran CX professionals needing a little help to refresh their efforts and initiatives or to ideate new approaches. The range of services includes:
    • Providing how-to advice to develop your CX vision and strategy, build your business case, and more; outlining best practices;
    • Guiding you through employee adoption of, and engagement in, your strategy;
    • Discussing upcoming technologies and trends;
    • Helping you make a career transition into a CX role;
    • and more - all the while teaching you to fish.

If you're ready to start defining your CX strategy or taking the next step in your CX role or career, I'm here to help you in a variety of ways. Let's talk! Contact me or schedule some time on my calendar.