Speaking, Etc.

Need a Speaker, Event Chairperson, CX Expert, Workshop Facilitator, or Advisor?

I will partner with you to create an engaging presentation for your audience (at conference, corporate, or team events) that clearly displays my passion for the topic at hand, i.e., customer experience, employee experience, journey mapping, culture, customer experience strategy, and more. Presentations cover my latest thinking on these topics and always provide attendees with actionable takeaways. I'm happy to speak on stage or virtually, via a webinar. And if you need an emcee/chair for your event, I've been told that my energy, passion, and humor are reasons event organizers (and attendees) would have me back!

Recent speaking topics include:
  • Putting the "Customer" into Customer Experience
  • Six Steps from Journey Maps to Outcomes
  • Creating Your CX Strategy, One Block at a Time
  • Improve the Customer Experience... From the Inside Out 
  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Customer Experience
  • Taking Your Customer Feedback from Insight to Advantage
  • Why Your CX Transformation is Failing 
  • How to Activate Lasting Change in Your Organization
  • And more!
Contact me or click BookMeNow below to be taken to my eSpeakers page, which includes some of my speaking topics.

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Note: If you're an event organizer, you might be interested in some recent research I conducted about the speaker experience. This report contains a ton of insights from speakers around the globe.

Looking for someone to host a masterclass or workshop at your conference or event? I'm on a mission to teach as many folks as possible about customer experience, whether it's about developing your CX strategy and roadmap, survey design, journey mapping, how to operationalize feedback, how to rearrange your culture pyramid, etc. Contact me, and I'm happy to discuss your attendees' needs and to develop a workshop that will have them walking away saying: "I thought your workshop was one of the best I've ever attended. You were amazing, and your content was rich." That's an actual quote from a workshop attendee! Let's talk.

If you've read my blog, you have a sense for my writing style and for my love of writing, especially about all things customer experience, employee experience, culture, and leadership. I've worked with many clients to write blogs, whitepapers, eBooks, and other content. For some examples of whitepapers and eBooks that I've authored or co-authored, please take a look at the Resources page. If you'd like to discuss a content project, please contact me.

Advising Your Start-Up
I've been a business and a product advisor to several tech start-ups in the customer experience space. If you believe my background will help you deliver a better product or build a customer-centric business, please contact me. I'd love to hear about your company, your product, how you make life easier for customer experience professionals, and how I can help you.